Ideal accessories by Artenova for correct vinification in amphora





Artenova’s terracotta jars are vessels in which wine can breathe thanks to the micro-oxygenation enabled by the unique characteristics of Impruneta clay. This brings out the aromatic qualities of each grape variety. However, the correct conservation and fermentation of the product is of fundamental importance. To guarantee perfect insulation of the wine from the outside, Artenova
proposes steel and terracotta airtight lids. The two solutions offer the same guarantee of correct conservation, excluding all problems of oxidation. The technique of terracotta winemaking can achieve excellent results also thanks to other useful accessories such as the glass bubbler (to check the level of the wine) applicable to both the steel and terracotta lids.

To complete the system, Artenova can also provide wine dispensing taps for wine tasting and partial and total drainage spigots, useful when cleaning out the jars. Stainless-steel bases are also available for jars of all sizes. They are fitted with wheels complete with brakes, for easy manoeuvring and positioning of the terracotta jars in the cellar.
The set of accessories enhances and completes the appearance of the amphora, giving it a modern look and a balanced design that combines technique, essentiality and harmony of form.



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