The wine Blog “Intravino” features four wine producers, clients of Artenova, among the “100 Best Cellars in Italy 2016”

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On the list of the 100 best wine producers in Italy for 2016 compiled by “Intravino” (a popular collective wine blog), we had the nice surprise to discover the names of 4 wine producers who are customers of Artenova’s. The selected wineries are dotted around Italy from north to south making them the Italian ambassadors of wine production in terracotta thanks to the multiple bloggers of “Intravino” who every day publish information, titbits and news about the world of wine. Congratulations to all!

Here is the complete list of the Top 100 chosen by Intravino

Let’s start then from Northern Italy where we find…

Foradori (Mezzolombardo, Trento)

Spanish tinajas (left) and Artenova amphorae (right) specially commissioned by the company for their cellar in Mezzolombardo.

giare spagnole per web20141004_145855 seconda






Again from the North…

Corte Sant’Alda (Mezzane di Sotto, Verona)

altra immagine

Moving to central Italy to Tuscany, a region which, along with Piedmont, is one of the most successful regarding famous names when it comes to wine, we have…

Castello dei Rampolla, (Panzano in Chianti, Firenze)

The Wines of Rampolla (left) and some Artenova amphorae (right) in their wine cellar of Panzano in Chianti…

cabernet senza solfiti  giare in cantina

Travelling to the south of our peninsular to Caserta in Campania, we find…

I Cacciagalli (Teano, Caserta)

The owners of the company “I Cacciagalli” Diana Iannaccone presiding over the stand at Vinitaly 2016 (left) and Mario Basco leaning on one of the Artenova wine-jars in their cellar at Teano (right).

149215_491076024274356_2100651111_n   Mario Basco 1 per web



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