A stainless steel cap for the complete isolation of the wine from oxygen

2015/02/04     / / / /

Wine JarsTerracotta is well known for its extraordinary properties of thermal insulation, in addition to this, Artenova also uses a special airtight closing system to ensure the complete isolation of the wine from oxygen. The stainless steel “Cap” shown in this video (at 11.30 min.) taken inside the Artenova workshop, along with the tap for partial and total drainage, prevent the oxidization of the wine and in fact provide the same functionality as traditional wine vats

When talking about “oxygenation” regarding terracotta, we mean the simple passage of atmospheric oxygen, from the outside to the inside through the walls of the jar, which is the same for barriques and wooden barrels. In general a barrique allows the passage of approximately 2-4mg / lt / month of oxygen, of course the data varies depending on external conditions, the type of wood and the age of the barrels (a used barrique passes much less oxygen). A terracotta amphora allows even less passage of oxygen than that of the barrel however the differences are modest regarding used barrels.



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