Accessories supplied by Artenova for perfect winemaking in Amphora

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In the terracotta jars by Artenova the aromatic qualities of each grape variety are expressed at their best. Therefore, the correct storage and aging of the wine is of fundamental importance. For perfect insulation, Artenova supplies to order, airtight lids in both stainless steel and terracotta. The two solutions offer the same guarantees of perfect conservation, avoiding any problems of oxidation of the wine. The technique of winemaking in terracotta is honed to perfection with the help of other useful accessories such as the glass bubbler, applicable to both the steel and terracotta lids, to check the level of the wine inside the jar without opening it.

Other items made available by Artenova to complete the efficiency of the system, are the wine dispensing taps and the partial and total drainage spigots. Furthermore, among the useful accessories you can order, are stainless- steel bases with wheels for easier manoeuvring and positioning of the terracotta jars.

The set of these accessories enriches and completes the appearance of the amphora, giving it a modern look and a balanced design that combines technique, essentiality and harmony of shapes.

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