# Alonetogether, virtual tour with Artenova across the map of the latest “amphora collaborations”

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Leonardo with Herman

Leonardo Parisi with Maurizio Herman

On a “virtual” tour from North to South, let’s discover together the stops made recently (before lockdown) by Leonardo Parisi the owner of Artenova on his journey visiting Wine Producers who make their wines in terracotta-jars from Impruneta. In the past year Artenova has formed new partnerships with wineries from all over Italy and the aim of Leonardo’s tour was to strengthen the relationship with his customers. Beginning from the North, let’s meet the Hermau companies of Maurizio Herman, one in Pianazzola in Sondrio and the other in Tère Rüse, in Monbaruzzo in the Langhe. In the North, terracotta has also conquered Montalbera Terra del Ruchè, a beautiful estate straddling the two great wine areas of Piedmont: Monferrato and Langhe.
Travelling down through central Italy, in Tuscany we come across Vicchiomaggio from Greve in Chianti, La Castellina, also in the heart of Chianti, Fattoria di Sammontana from Montelupo Fiorentino, the farms Podere Le Ripi and Corte Pavone, both from Montalcino near Siena. On theTuscan coast, Pagani De Marchi from Casale Marittimo, 12 km (7 ½ miles) from the sea.

Pagani De Marchis, Casale Marittimo

Pagani De Marchi (Casale Marittimo)

New amphora wine producers in Emilia and Romagna with La Via del Colle from the Marche with La Lepre e la Luna from Montecassino, and in Lazio with Palazzo Tronconi from Arce, Frosinone.
In Southern Italy the latest clients to have chosen terracotta for their wines are Tenuta Fontana from Pietrelcina and Bosco dè Medici from Pompeii, both from the region of Campania.
These Wineries located in places of excellence for the cultivation of wines often show preference for old native varieties of grape, cultivating with organic methods in harmony with nature, enhancing their prestigious product with the purest and most natural material: terracotta.
The high quality wines of these producers have excellent characteristics some of which have been recognized by important magazines and guide books such as Il Gambero Rosso.

The Hare and the Moon (Montecassiano)

The Hare and the Moon (Montecassiano)


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