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Artenova’s July Newsletter, talks about the wine estate, “Petrolo” from Val d’Arno Superiore near Arezzo in Tuscany with whom Artenova has been working since 2011. This year in fact is the continuation of the experience of winemaking in terracotta amphorae by Luca Sanjust who for more than 10 years has abandoned traditional farming in favour of natural and sustainable practices. In the cellar of Petrolo today there are two 300-litre Artenova terracotta amphorae and three 500-litre amphorae.

From the Sangiovese grapes of the Bòggina vineyard, cultivated together with olive trees, to the amphora for fermentation made with the inimitable clay of Impruneta, this is an entirely Tuscan story.

The grapes of “Bògginanfora” wine are left to macerate on their skins for the duration of about 2 weeks. This takes place in an open amphora. The cap is punched down daily, after which the amphora is hermetically sealed, leaving the skins inside. The must or wine, remains in contact with the skins for about 6 months, from the grape harvest until the end of March. After drawing off the wine, the aging process is continued in the amphora for another 6 months. The prolonged contact of the wine with its skins protects the wine naturally without the necessity of adding sulphites.

More details on the Bògginanfora Technical Sheet (italian version) on the site of Cultural Association “La terracotta e il vino”

The full July Newsletter can be read here


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