In the heart of Ciociaria where the amphora wine of Palazzo Tronconi is the “History of people’s labour”

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In the cellar of Palazzo Tronconi at Arce (Frosinone)

In the cellar of Palazzo Tronconi at Arce (Frosinone)

During the ongoing month, Leonardo Parisi’s visit to some of his clients in Southern Italy began in Ciociaria, between Rome and Naples. It is customary for Leonardo to follow up on the wine producers who use the amphorae made by his company Artenova, from Impruneta, even after their sale, with personal visits directly to their wineries.

Here we are in the cellar of the “Agriturism” farm of Palazzo Tronconi in Arce (Frosinone) in the heart of Ciociaria, between Rome and Naples. After Palazzo Tronconi, Leonardo Parisi’s visit took him to Campania to visit Bosco de ‘Medici and I Cacciagalli. Palazzo Tronconi vinifies part of its grapes in the Artenova wine-jars. The resulting wine, we read on the company’s website, “is not just a product of nature but the history of the labour of people who have devoted their lives to the love of their land”. The many types of grapes in the vineyards around Palazzo Tronconi are cultivated using biodynamic farming methods, the Lecinaro and the black Ulivello, the Pampanaro, the Capolongo and the white Maturano, as well as Malvasia Puntinata, Moscato di Terracina and Syrah. Most of the old vines are native to the area. The wines produced are Fregellae (white), Fatia (white), Donnicò (red), Zitore (red), Mócevò (red), all part of the IGP (PGI) – Frusinate.

Founded in 2010, Palazzo Tronconi immediately began by planting the almost unknown autochthonous varieties, such as the white grape Capolongo and the red grape Lecinaro. Right from the planting of the vines they decided to govern the land naturally. This means following the dictates of organic and biodynamic farming throughout the production line up to the final product.


Palazzo Tronconi writes: “… the imperturbability of rural equilibrium is a sovereign law. Its wine simply comes naturally from the fruit of its vines and the work of the farmer consists only in complying with its becoming, we make wine “simply”, because wine is simple”.


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