Artenova at the “FuoriExpo” with amphora wines, Noesis 2014 and Syrah 2013

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cartolina Fuori ExpoOn Saturday, July 11th (till the 18th), Artenova will be taking part in “Ceramica Toscana E’ Arte” (Tuscan Ceramics and Art) an initiative that the Region of Tuscany has set up for the occasion of the Milan Expo. It will take place outside of the Expo area (“Fuori Expo”), at the “Chiostri dell’Umanitaria in via Daverio, 7”. The Association “Terre di Toscana” hosts the initiative, and Impruneta along with other towns who are members of the association will be presenting the craftsmanship of Tuscany to a worldwide audience. Artenova will be represented by our technical consultant oenologist Francesco Bartoletti, who will introduce two wines made in terracotta wine-jars from Impruneta.

An Artenova amphora made by the master craftsmen of Impruneta from the workshop of Leonardo Parisi is at this moment on its way to Milan to beautify the space reserved for the wine tasting on Saturday.

bartolettiAfter a conference dedicated to the combination “Terracotta and Wine”, Bartoletti will conduct a free wine tasting session of two IGT Toscana wines: a white wine, Noesis 2014 produced by Tenuta Belvedere from Rignano sull’Arno (Florence) and a red, Syrah 2013 by Tenuta Casadei from Suvereto (Livorno), both fermented and matured in amphorae by Artenova.

The manifestation will be held at the close of a week full of events, demonstrations and workshops during which the Milan Expo has honoured Tuscan ceramics and the centuries old tradition that has made it famous all over the world.

WP_20150626_018During the past week (and until the 12th) there have also been many stands dedicated to modern design and innovative uses of ceramics. Plus a multitude of tasting sessions of gastronomic products and cooking shows (by the “Cuochi dell’Alleanza” (Alliance of Chefs) of Slow Food Tuscany) and a selection of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and of course fine wines (by “Wine Bar” di eCHIANTI – Bagno a Ripoli, le colline di Firenze e del Chianti”)

In the context of the infinite uses of ceramics and the possibilities that this material offers for the enjoyment of excellent food in unique containers, Artenova could not be overlooked. True to the concept of the Milan Expo, what could be more natural than the refined but simple processing involved in the making of wines in terracotta jars fashioned in Impruneta clay.


Here is the programme for the weekend

The Programme A4 La Ceramica Toscana E’ arte

The Programme brochure La Ceramica Toscana E’ arte


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