Artenova features in Flash Art, a first entry into the world of Art and Design

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flash artAn article on Artenova appears in the latest issue of Flash Art, the most widespread magazine of Contemporary Art in Italy, which also boasts a significant distribution abroad with the English version of “Flash Art International”. The advertorial published by Artenova is entitled “Two elements one close relationship “. The reference of course is to terracotta and wine, whose bond is rooted in the days of Ancient Greece, when terracotta was first used for storing wine. The publication is a first entry into the world of Art and Design for the workshop from Impruneta that specialises in the manufacture of terracotta wine jars.

Artenova - Terracotta Ceramica ToscanaThe publication in Flash Art places particular emphasis on the ancient bond between the two products, wine and terracotta, mentioning how amphorae were first introduced by the Greeks and were further diffused throughout Italy by the Etruscans. The amphora was the first true container for fermented grape juice. It is because of its extraordinary capacity for thermal insulation that terracotta over the centuries has formed a spontaneous and natural link with wine. The terracotta of Impruneta in particular, thanks to its special and now famous chemical and physical characteristics, allows the perfect preservation of wine.


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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta