G20 Agricolture in Florence, the Artenova wine-jars at Palazzo Vecchio for a sustainability that begins in the cellar

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At the G20 meeting for Agriculture, Artenova, represented by Leonardo Parisi (pictured) was the guest of the National Association of “Le Donne del Vino” (Women in Wine) in the Sala d’Armi inside Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. On Sunday 5th September Parisi presented Artenova and the jars produced by his company, describing the “magic of an ancient flavour”. The project of the Municipality of Florence and the National Association of Le Donne del Vino was entitled “Territories, Culture and the Art of Wine in Palazzo Vecchio”.

Internationally renowned artist Elisabetta Rogai was also there to present her works, which are unusual (and very pertinent) being as she uses wine to paint with. Her technique is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and is called “Enoarte”. Standing around the Sala d’Armi were the Artenova wine-jars, silent witnesses of well-being and health for their natural material, thermal capacity, natural oxygenation, requiring low (or no) use of sulphites to conserve the wine, for an agricultural sustainability that begins in the wine cellar.

Leonardo Parisi owner of Artenova Terrecotte

Leonardo Parisi owner of Artenova Terrecotte







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