Artenova’s wine-jars, a history of 10 years of production as protagonists

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Artenova’s classic wine-jar


The production of amphorae for wine making for which Artenova is today the leader in Italy, with many wine producing customers dotted around the world, goes back to about 10 years ago. At that time in our country, as in many other parts of the world, the winemaking technique using terracotta jars was almost unheard of. In 2009 the company began, experimentally, the manufacture of jars for enological use, made with the prestigious clay of Impruneta. That year, Artenova produced 15 jars, but since then the
requests for amphorae have steadily increased until reaching 319 pieces in 2019.


The technical data sheet of Artenova’s classic wine-jar


The classic jar in the 500 and 800 litre formats is still the best-selling item of our catalogue but over the years the production has expanded and diversified creating beautiful and perfect egg shaped jars and other smaller tapered amphorae for making sweet wine (Holy wine) in substitution of the traditional wooden barrel, and finally that huge majestic container called the Dolium based on an original ancient Roman pot used precisely for containing wine.

For the technical data sheets of our wine-jars click here

The trend for Amphora Wine is still growing and from an initial modest production, today Artenova manufactures more than 300 amphorae every year. After a decade, the total number exceeds 2250 creations, a figure that attests to the validity of an intuition which, like a bet, 10 years ago made Artenova abandon their old production-line and undertake a completely new one.


The Dolium


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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta