Newsletter n. 2 of Cultural Association “Terracotta and Wine” is dedicated to “Fornace Agresti”, location of “Terracotta and Wine 2016”

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The August Newsletter is the 2nd issued by “Terracotta and Wine”, the new cultural association founded by Artenova, and this years promoter of “Terracotta and Wine 2016”. The newsletter talks about the historic terracotta workshop “Fornace Agresti”, location of the event and mentions the finishing touches of various important innovations taking place at the moment. The Town Council of Impruneta, who own the location, is completing some work that had remained unfinished in the first phase of renovation when the 18th Century building of “Fornace Agresti” was restored to its former glory.

The construction work includes augmented space to accommodate the exposition stands for tasting the wine of the 40 producers present at this years’ event. Further space will be created for the technical conference and the guided wine tasting sessions. Workmen are also concluding the construction of a pedestrian walkway of about 150 metres, which will connect the historic workshop Fornace Agresti to the free parking area in Via Europa. This intervention will enable those coming to “Terracotta and Wine 2016” by car to park within easy walking distance of the event’s location. The pathway will also link “Fornace Agresti” with the Artenova workshop where during the event it will be possible to visit and see how terracotta wine-jars are made.

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