After “Terracotta and Wine”, we’re back to the usual working rhythms, making egg shaped jars and dolium

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A little over two weeks has gone by since the end of “Terracotta and Wine 2016“, the event promoted by the cultural association founded by Artenova. Now production in the workshop has returned to its usual pace. Leonardo Parisi, the owner of Artenova and president of the Association, was involved in the organisation of the event and in particular with overseeing the external relations of the participating winemakers. Now the workshop is back to concentrating on its production line of new jars – classic wine-jars, dolium and egg-shaped jars – with the objective of completing orders for the end of the year.

artenova-63Meanwhile on the website of Terracotta and Wine, held at Impruneta on 19 – 20 November last, you can see the first photos of the event and more will be posted in the following days. Many photos were taken by the official photographer, Guillaume Bodin, during the two days at “Fornace Agresti” the spectacular location of the event. A preview of images (not necessarily in order) from “Terracotta and Wine”

Here are the first pictures by Guillaume Bodin from “Terracotta and Wine 2016”.


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