Beer too, is made in terracotta amphorae by Artenova, including the Etruscan beer by Birreria del Borgo


Wine is an excellence of Italian tradition and the use of terracotta amphorae to produce it is increasingly practiced by professionals. However, this time we want to talk about beer. One of the latest trends of Master Brewers is to use terracotta jars for its fermentation, a technique that just like wine, brings excellent results, in fact several breweries, Italian and foreign, have begun to use Artenova amphorae for their beer. Further proof is the fortunate and extraordinary experience of the brewery Birreria del Borgo which, after extensive studies, recreated a recipe based on the remains of an ancient beverage found by archaeologists in a terracotta-jar. It was named “L’Etrusca” (the Etruscan). This beer after fermenting in large amphorae made in Impruneta by Artenova is a distinctive amber colour, reminiscent of amphora wines. It has hints of honey, with red fruit emerging on the nose, on the palate the honeyed notes bind well to the mineral nuances.

The result is an “archaeological find” in fact, the fermentation of beer is possibly even older than that of wine, and of course it was originally made in terracotta. Inspired by ancient traditions Amphora Beer meets the approval of the public and the excellent results promise the widespread use of amphorae made with Impruneta clay for this drink too.


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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta