“Buongiorno Ceramica” is back again: on Sunday Artenova will host street artist Gomez and sculptors Cecchi, Bernardini and Marilli

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WIN_20160601_170123Impruneta (Tuscany) is getting ready for the second edition of “Buongiorno Ceramica”, the event dedicated to ceramic craftsmen with a chance to explore the old terracotta workshops of Impruneta. This year seven workshops including Artenova will open their doors for three days of guided tours and various live events dedicated to the art of terracotta.

WIN_20160601_165801The artistic events start at the Masini workshop on Friday June 3rd followed by the Massimo Carbone workshop on Saturday June 4th and on Sunday June 5th our workshop in via Europa (Impruneta) will host the street artist Gomez who will execute a mural painting on a terracotta support specially installed for the occasion.WIN_20160531_123211 (2) (1)

The other guests of the day, who will create sculptures on site, are the artists Elisabetta Cecchi, Antonio Bernardini and Daniele Marilli who is also a craftsman of Artenova.

On the same day, Sunday 5th, the Roman street artist “Jerico” will work on a support of clay tiles made ad hoc by the Mital workshop; The Sergio Ricceri terracotta workshop will see the Florentine artist “Moradi il sedicente” create a sculpture of wood that will be exhibited outside in the small square in front of the workshop.programma a colonne

Buongiorno-Ceramica_2xDuring the previous two days, further protagonists of the programme of Buongiorno Ceramica will include: on Friday, June 3rd the Masini workshop hosting the photographer Riccardo Bagnoli and a theatrical performance of the Tuscan group “Teatro tra I Binari” and the Poggi Ugo workshop where a young Florentine designer group called the “Funkie Fresh Factory”, will create an artistic/architectural installation using Impruneta bricks with reference to Brunelleschi who used the same kind of bricks for the construction of the dome of Florence Cathedral.

On Saturday, June 4th, the Massimo Carbone workshop will present street artist Elisa Muliere from Bologna who will work directly on a terracotta vessel of large dimension. The evening will end with a piano performance of the “ Mademoiselle Sarabande”. The Georgio Pesci & Sons workshop will host the artist “Libertà”, who will execute an artwork of mixed technique including the use of ceramic tiles applied as an insert in a painting.


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