Casadei, one family and three companies who have chosen the anphora for their wines

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Owners of two estates in Tuscany (Castello del Trebbio, Pontassieve and Tenuta Casadei, Suvereto) and one in Sardinia (Olianas, Gergei), the Casadei family, who have been clients of Artenova for many years, adhere rigorously to the principles of “BioIntegral” cultivation (photo from the Casadei Estate’s website).

The “Biointegral” ethic is:
Integration between man and animal.
Limiting human intervention on the plant.
Eliminating any synthetic chemical inputs.
Feeding the soil and not the plant.
Adhering to the Vitality index of ecosystems, monitoring the vitality of the flora and fauna, the fertility rate and the level of organic substances in the soil.
Conceiving wine as a natural alcoholic beverage made from partial or total fermentation of grapes, without containing anything else.

The ploughing of the vineyard at the Casadei winery

Following these guidelines, Casadei has decided to use draft horses to plough his vines. On thewebsite of the Casadei Company we read:”.. The use of Comtois horses instead of wheeled or crawler machines is to be interpreted in these terms, rather than as a folkloristic gimmick to make people talk about us. In this way we can avoid excessive compaction of the land, which is particularly important for soil like ours with its elevated mineral content”.
One of the prerequisites of “BioIntegral” oenology is the revival of past practices and it is in line with this agronomic method that the Company has chosen to refine its wine with a very old technique, using terracotta amphorae. This ensures a natural final result, without the exchange of aromas as is the case with wood, and above all to maintain and enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the grape. There are many elements that make the amphora a precious ally: thebporosity of terracotta, the thermal protection of interment (on the Casadei estate we find wine in buried jars, a technique typically used in Georgia), the mineral content of wine in contact with clay, the natural clarification which takes place inside the jar.

Buried wine-Jars at the Casadei Estate


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