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Artenova and Corte d’Aibo have been collaborating since 2012 and since the end of the eighties Mario Pirondini is the owner of the wine-producing company from Monteveglio, in the province of Bologna. In our October newsletter the owner himself tells us about his wines and the discovery of biodynamic farming in 2011 which led to his approach to winemaking in Amphora. According to him “The Amphora is what most reflects the terroir.” In his cellar at Monteveglio there are now 20 amphorae for a total capacity of ten thousand litres of wine.

We were “Inspired” by biodynamic farming – he says – The new approach not only concerns agriculture and our surroundings, it has opened up new horizons from which new ideas have emerged. One of these ideas was the origin of a new red wine, “Meriggio” fermented in terracotta amphorae without the addition of sulphites. For this wine we use all three varieties of red grape that we grow: barbera, cabernet and merlot in percentages that vary depending on the vintage. We prolong the maceration of the barbera grapes until March. “

In Artenova’s October Newsletter, Mario Pirondini tells us about his company and the link between Corte d’Aibo and Artenova.
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