Dinner with amphora wines on Friday 22nd September at the restaurant “Albergaccio di Castellina” in Chianti

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The new season of the Association “La terracotta e il vino” founded by Leonardo Parisi of Artenova begins with an event that sees as protagonists 4 Amphora wines, a white from Noiré, France, a red from the Island of Capraia in the Tuscan Archipelago, and two red wines from Campania in Southern Italy.

The Amphora wine Dinner closes the summer season and opens with the new colours of the Autumn bringing to our table Domaine de Noiré Amphora, a French white aged for 6 months in Artenova amphorae, Zenobito 2015 by winemakers La Piana di Capraia and two wines in amphora Lucno and Phos Vintage 2015, by I Cacciagalli from Teano. During the dinner the wines will be presented and explained by Oenologist Leonardo Conti of “Gruppo Matura”.

Here is the Menu created by the Chefs of the Albergaccio in combination with the amphora wines: MENU cena Menu-Vini Albergaccio

The cost:

The cost is 45 Euro for members of “La terracotta e il vino” and 55 Euro for non-members.


Reservations can be made by telephone or by writing to:

More information on the Association’s website “La terracotta e il vino” 

Download the technical data of the wines:

Zenobito 2015scheda azienda 2017 e Zenobito

Domaine de Noiréamphora CHR (2)









Phos: cacciagalli-scheda-tecnica-phos-ita-eng


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