Information about the entrance fee to the 1st International Convention in Impruneta dedicated to terracotta and wine

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In the picturesque terracotta works Fornace Agresti of Impruneta, on the 22nd and 23rd November, professionals and wine lovers taking part in the event “Terracotta and Wine 2014″, will be able to taste and acquire wine made in terracotta from all over the world. The designer set up, by the studio “Avatar Architettura” includes 29 wine tasting stalls arranged on the four floors of the old eighteenth-century building, among which participants will be able to move around freely to taste and buy wine. The entrance fee to the 1st international convention, which the firm Artenova has dedicated to terracotta and wine, is 12 Euro. It will include a wine glass will be valid for both days of the event. The entrance to the Conference Terracotta and Wine: Experiences of wine making from around the world scheduled for the morning of Saturday 22nd entitles free entry to all the events of the afternoon, as well as those of Sunday, Nov. 23rd with the exception of the two guided wine tasting sessions (Sat 22 afternoon and Sun 23 morning), the places for which, due to their limited number, have already been booked and unless there are cancellations, are no longer accessible.

During the two days it will be possible to buy wines directly from the 29 producers present. There will be red and white wines from Georgia and France, namely the regions of the Loire Valley, Provence, Champagne and Burgundy, wines from Montenegro, California, Australia and New Zealand and the famous wines of Armenia whose vineyards are 4900 feet above sea level. Italy will of course be well represented with as many as 15 producers present from Trentino to Sicily, all of whom have been engaged in the production of organic and biodynamic wine for many years. There is however another unique speciality present at the event: beer, brewed in terracotta jars by brewers “Birra del Borgo” from Lazio, who propose in a special area of their own, designed by artist Valerio Giovannini, the ancient method used to make beer 3,000 years ago by the Etruscans.



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