From the Museum of Contemporary Art, Centro Pecci, Prato, a talk with the owner of Artenova on Impruneta clay

2020/12/09     / / / /

Artenova, the company from Impruneta is taking part in a project called “Art, Design, Business for Young Talents”, funded by the Ministry of Education and Further Development and promoted by the Luigi Pecci Museum of Contemporary Art in collaboration with the Municipality of Prato and the University of Florence. The project aims to promote and support the creativity of young people in relation to the cultural and economic fabric of the region. The idea is for selected young people to collaborate with elite companies from the production area of Tuscany. With materials and technical characteristics defined and discussed with the relative companies, the young “talents” will have the opportunity to develop innovative design projects. Twelve Tuscan companies are involved, operating in the main sectors such as textiles, furniture, glass, marble, stone, ceramics and, of course, terracotta. The programme, among many initiatives, proposes a series of online formative meetings. The cycle of conferences has already begun, and on January 20 th 2021 it will be the turn of Leonardo Parisi, owner of Artenova who, together with Artenova’s technical consultant, Oenologist Francesco Bartoletti, will talk to the students about their work experience and the characteristics of the unique clay of Impruneta.

The poster of the first conference on ceramics.



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