Photos, paintings and sculpture demonstrations: in “Buongiorno Ceramica” (Good morning ceramics) Sunday 31st, a performance in clay by Artenova

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la fabbrica delle anforeLeonardo Parisi’s Artenova is one of six terracotta workshops from Impruneta taking part in the three-day event “Buongiorno Ceramica” held in Impruneta from 29 to 31 May 2015. The event is on its first edition, promoted by the AICC (Italian Association City of Ceramics) and Artex (Centre for Artistic and Traditional Handicrafts of Tuscany) and it involves 37 Italian towns. Impruneta, the heart of Tuscany’s terracotta, will be alive with dance festivals and music, the performances taking place in the oldest terracotta workshops of the town to be still active, like the Artenova workshop in via Europa.

particolare stattuaThe doors of the workshop in via Europa, will open on the afternoon of Sunday 31st, to share the experience of their craftsmanship with a live demonstration of how a clay sculpture takes shape. It includes an exhibition of photographs, paintings and sculptures, as well as a live demonstration of sculpture with clay. All this will animate the work places where every day the Parisi family (brothers Andrea and Leonardo and father Giuseppe) patiently hand craft their now famous wares. From 5 O’clock onwards at Artenova you will be able to visit an exhibition of photographs by Nicole Guillon, paintings by Lorenzo Vada and sculptures by Francesco Battaglini, Lorenzo Pallante and Giuseppe Procopio, the artists who will also be present in person to execute the live demonstration.


The three-day event at Impruneta will host exhibitions of contemporary art, interventions of choral singing, musical performances and Dance by the “Associazioni Coro Polifonico Mutuo Soccorso”, “Filarmonica Verdi” and “Imago-Lab”. From 1700 hrs to 2000 hrs performances will be held in the six workshops adhering to the event. The old workshop Fornace Agresti (the Events Centre of Impruneta) will also be open to the public with videos, “Musical Art” (with “Pastis”) and on Saturday, May 30 at 2030 hrs, food and wine tasting in the care of the catering group “I Mal’Avvezzi”. The three-day event will also feature a fashion parade of artistic jewellery Techno Jewels by Clizia Moradei, which will take place at the workshop of “Fornace Poggi Ugo”.

locandina ProgrammaContemporarily with the manifestation at Impruneta, the other 37 Italian cities, all of ancient ceramic tradition, will host events with the theme Ceramics and Food, on the lines of Expo 2015. (

On more details during the week (25-31 May)


The programme city by city

All about the event



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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta