Wine and Terracotta in Italy and from around the World


Francesco Bartoletti technical consultant of Artenova

Francesco Bartoletti oenologist of Gruppo Matura and technical consultant of Artenova

“TERRACOTTA AND WINE” (22nd -23rd November 2014, Fornace Agresti, Impruneta)

Sunday, 23rd November from 11.00 to 13.00 hours
Guided wine tasting conducted by Francesco Bartoletti
Experiences from 8 producers who have in common the choice of using terracotta for their wines 

“We present a unique journey across continents and through a glass of wine, find out the extraordinary experiences of winemakers who have believed in a different material to conceive their wines. Stories of landscapes and environments, soil and climate, so very distant from one another yet close to each other for a common denominator; the terracotta used to produce them.

The interest shown by manufacturers around the world for this historical material, which has always been part of the wine world, has been truly extraordinary. The success of the terracotta of Impruneta, thanks to its unique characteristics, has allowed many growers to approach this material with ease and take an alternative pathway so special for their wines.

During the tasting you will be able to taste wines produced in different clays and apart from the terracotta of Impruneta, there will be wines produced in Spanish and Georgian terracotta”.

The Producers who will present their wines:

Azienda Agricola Cos, Vittoria (RG) Sicilia

Tenuta Casadei, Suvereto (LI) Toscana

Azienda Agricola Cirelli, Atri (TE) Abruzzo

Società Agricola Crealto, Alfiano Natta (AL) Piemonte

Pyramid Valley Vineyards, RD Waikari, New Zealand

Trofeo Estate Pty Ltd, Victoria, Australia

AmByth Estate, Paso Robles, California

Gotsa Family wines, Tiblisi, Georgia


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