Horizontal egg with a larger opening for easier cleaning inside

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In our August newsletter we present the horizontal egg shaped jar with a new opening at the top, wider (10 cm) than the original model. This facilitates wine producers with the cleaning of the jar and enables the Artenova craftsmen better access during fabrication. The new opening is equipped with an airtight stainless steel cap that guarantees optimal closure.

The closure provided for the old model of the horizontal egg was simply either a silicone stopper or a glass bubbler. The new model with a 10-centimetre opening enables the possibility to apply an airtight stainless steel cap (with bubbler) similar to the ones fitted onto the other classic amphorae or on the vertical egg-shaped jars by Artenova.

Horizontal egg size:
Egg Size 220 Litres
H 90 cm (approx.)
Ø 75 cm (approx.)
Weight 130 Kg. (Approx.)


Stainless steel closure dimensions:
Ø 10 cm


More information on the Products page of this website.

Read about the new opening of the horizontal egg-shaped jar in our Newsletter.


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