“Il Corriere della Sera”, one of the most important newspapers in Italy: “Artenova has been able to innovate and renew, redeveloping production”

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“New commercial markets continuously open up by themselves and come knocking at our door”: this is what we told “Il Corriere della Sera” one of the most important newspapers in Italy. We also told them about the latest prospects of Artenova opening up a new market in Argentina … However, the crisis in the terracotta industry, mentioned at the beginning of the article, is a blow for us. Artenova has worked hard to constantly innovate and renew itself and the company’s personal turnaround has arrived, but it is not enough. The Terracotta companies of Impruneta must put aside all individualism and find a way to form a strong group before the market changes scale.

Summary of the main article:

Sparked by news of the closure of “Sannini”, one of the most important industrial Terracotta Companies of Impruneta, which was founded in 1910, the article describes the decline of the main industry and backbone of the town. Once used for the roof tiles of the Duomo of Florence the historical tradition of Impruneta Terracotta risks total decimation. This is due to the slump in the building industry with unfair competition from overseas (cheaper products from Romania and Bangladesh), because according to Stefano Ciuoffo, Regional councillor for development, “…the traditional designs of Terracotta objects have gone out of fashion”.

An insert on the same page talks about the “exception” of Artenova. This small workshop, when hit by the crisis and on the verge of closure in 2008, turned itself around to become a leader in the making of wine-jars exporting them all over the world.

An article on the same page talks about the “exception” of Artenova.

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