In Chiavari in Liguria we talk about wine and terracotta

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Interesting weekend in Chiavari in Liguria where part of the Artenova staff participated as guests in a guided Amphora wine tasting evening organized by the Association of Sommeliers of Portofino, Liguria.
The trend of this increasingly appreciated method of winemaking, makes it a required topic in events frequented by wine experts and admirers for the added value which terracotta gives to wine.
The main protagonist is the terracotta amphora, its ancient history that links the raw material of clay with wine. A day of historical but also scientific exploration to understand and savour the prestige of wines made in amphora, to understand their nuances and specific attributes which
make this winemaking technique so unique and special.

In particular, how the extraordinary characteristics of the clay of Impruneta enable the achievement of such excellent results as demonstrated by the wines tasted during the event, all unique, produced in large hand-made wine jars created by Artenova.



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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta