Interring amphorae… different scenarios in Georgia, Armenia, Italy

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giare nella fornace ArtenovaDifferent scenarios about interring amphorae…

According to Georgian tradition, amphorae can be buried either outdoors in the vineyards or indoors in the wine cellar. In the first case a hole is dug for the jar in the vineyards, the jar is then covered with earth and protected by awnings. In the second case, often the whole cellar is built around the amphorae, which before being interred are coated outside with lime or cement although the latter is less used as it attracts moisture. The amphora is then packed round with soil, preferably sandy, and covered with the earth from the excavation.

This tradition, however, is not only typical of Georgia: even Italian producers bury their jars both in their cellars and outdoors in which case, the jars are protected against water infiltration.

Armenia also has a tradition where amphorae are buried in very sandy soils, without outer coating. In each operation of landfill, great care is taken to protect the amphorae from damage caused by stones or rocks in the ground.

Here is a great documentary (in English) of the wine heritage of Georgia including the techniques of interring amphorae.


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