Kilns, jars, Terracotta and wine in Cilento

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Fabio Labruna, who is a lawyer, for years, had been looking for a place in this area as it is from here that his family originates, and it is here that he purchased land located within a beautiful park with a view of the sea. In addition, he is the owner of a bistro in Milan, known by the same name
as his estate “Eremo di S. Iconio”, where he offers the products of his land and of the Campania region. However, though living in Milan his heart and his ambitions are very much tied to Cilento.

The jars of Artenova in Cilento

Fabio is a client of Artenova, vinifying part of the grapes grown on his land in the terracotta jars produced by the Impruneta company and it is precisely because of his passion for this technique that he has been carrying out an ambitious project for many years: to restore the old kiln of the Basilian monastery dating back to medieval times which is located right on his property. It seems that the area has a large vein of clay with characteristics similar to the prestigious clay of Impruneta with which Artenova’s jars are made.

The kiln, active during the time of the Basilian monks and which was probably used to fire roof tiles, is now just a ruin. Our hope is that it will have a glorious resurrection and Artenova is highly anticipating the project.

The Vineyards of the Eremo di S. Iconio


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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta