Leonardo Parisi from Artenova on a Journey to central Italy to check on “his amphorae”. In the december newsletter

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Leonardo Parisi, the owner of Artenova, recently visited some of his customers in Central and Southern Italy, all wine producers who have chosen to use the ancient method of winemaking in amphora for their wines. Leonardo began with the Palazzo Tronconi company, in Frosinone, Lazio (the region of Rome) from where he travelled to Teano in Campania to visit I Cacciagalli. While in Campania he called on Bosco Dè Medici, in Pompeii. The latter company with its white wine “Dressell 19.2” aged in the prestigious Artenova jars received the highest award (three wine-glasses) from the “Gambero Rosso” one of the best known Italian food and wine guides.

Many other winemakers not only in Italy but from all over the world have chosen terracotta to characterize their wines, creating labels that receive an increasingly broad and highly acclaimed consensus.

Read more in the December Newsletter


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