Michelin-star restaurants from Padua and the “Made in Tuscany” of taste: the enogastronomic educational visit to find out about amphora wine in Artenova’s workshop

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Artenova’s consultant oenologist Francesco Bartoletti, conducted a wine tasting session directly inside our workshop in Impruneta. Along with him and Leonardo Parisi, the owner of Artenova, were about twenty people mostly Chefs, Head waiters and Sommeliers of Michelin-starred restaurants from the Padua area including Chefs and Head Waiters of the Alajmo group. The catering professionals travelled from Padua and its province, to the Terracotta area of ​​Impruneta, to find out about the ancient link between terracotta and wine. Guiding them through Tuscany, on an “Educational journey of food and wine ” between Florence and Montecatini, was Maestro Pier Angelo Barontini, Taste Consultant of the Provincial Public Association of Exercises (APPE) of Padua. Together with him, Massimo Galante, responsible for APPE communication.

The wines tasted by the restaurateurs from Padua

The link between terracotta and wine has its origins in the distant past but today it is becoming increasingly popular with the world of wine enthusiasts. Leading the way in Italy in the production of terracotta wine-jars, is Leonardo Parisi with Artenova, in Impruneta. The wine-tasting session in the workshop, conducted by oenologist Francesco Bartoletti, has offered the possibility for Paduan restaurateurs to get to know and appreciate unique wines of great personality, the characteristics of which, both of their area and their grapes, have been further enhanced by terracotta. The wines tasted were produced by Tenuta Fontana, Tenuta Belvedere, Francesco Cirelli, Foradori, Elena Casadei, La Piana, Bagolaro, Il Borro and Visintini.

With the Artenova wine-tasting, the interest of the Paduan restaurateurs to learn and experiment with Amphora Wines, perhaps even within their own premises, was in line with the desire to discover new food and wine proposals that for some years now, distinguishes the Padua restaurant scene. “In 2005 – says Pier Angelo Barontini (in photo) –  Paduan food was still tied to old fashioned dishes like Baccalà (salted cod) and polenta (cornmeal). When I was called to give a course to more than 100 Paduan restaurateurs through APPE, I tried to convey the innovations that were spreading even outside Italy. I spoke of Spain, for example, where food is interpreted with a modern concept in its transformation. By bringing science closer to food, tradition can be transported to a more creative territory. I taught new techniques and tools and a new concept of health, related to vegetables that allowed us to build an “ad hoc” path linking the restaurant business with local producers. In 2006, three producers first experimented with a “milk and honey” chicken farm. Today this type of farming is widespread throughout the Padua area. Paduan asparagus is another example of how work created over the years can lead to important results “.

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