Ningxia, from this wine producing region a look at the world wine scene and the terracotta wine warriors

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Terracotta Warriors conquer the world
In Ningxia, north-western China on the borders of Mongolia, the Chinese have built 50 wineries with Versailles-style buildings and vineyards of 4-5,000 hectares each, equipped with the latest wine-making equipment. The project is to build another 200 wineries over the next two years in an area as large as Austria. The wine produced is “New World” style and although it still bears a widespread poor reputation, it improves in quality from year to year.
Seen from China, the global wine community appears even more interesting when one considers the successful experiences of Portuguese producers with their ancient tradition of Talhas now returned to new life or those of Georgian producers with Qvevri.
Terracotta Warriors conquer the world


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