“Petruna Anfora”, Il Borro, is awarded 5 “Grappoli” by Bibenda 2021 best wines of Italy Guide


Congratulations to Il Borro! We are very proud of you for the important milestone achieved by this wine made in the terracotta amphorae of Artenova from Impruneta: Petruna Anfora is a 100% Sangiovese Valdarno di Sopra DOC 2018 from Tenuta Il Borro, which was awarded 5 “Grappoli”(grape bunches), the maximum recognition of the Bibenda 2021 Wine-Guide.

Terracotta amphorae at Tenuta Il Borro

Petruna Anfora is made entirely in terracotta. The amphorae are filled with 100% Sangiovese grapes and closed with an airtight steel lid. The wine inside remains in contact with the skins for 12 months. During this period the interaction between the terracotta, the wine and the skins allows the characteristic maturation that makes it a unique and important product, the result of the right balance between tradition and innovation … we read in the presentation of the bottle:
“the roots of Petruna sink down into the Etruscan Era, when our ancestors used to make wine in terracotta amphorae.”
Petruna in Anfora is a tribute to the winemaking tradition and to the purity of Sangiovese. The varietal is clear and complex, dominated by cherry and enriched by floral and citrus notes. In the mouth it is crisp, fragrant and tasty. In the glass the wine has a ruby ​​red colour. The nose is complex, with notes of ripe red fruit and aromas resulting from aging in amphora. The flavour is strong with balanced tannins and good acidity. It goes perfectly with traditional Tuscan dishes.

Petruna, 100% is the latest organic wine from the cellar of Tenuta Il Borro owned by Ferruccio Ferragamo, in the heart of Tuscany between Florence Arezzo and Siena. A company that for years has made eco-sustainable choices: renewable energy, use of natural fertilizers, absence of pesticides…. “An act of faith that lasts over time…” the owner Ferruccio Ferragamo likes to say.
This task of conservation has animated the entire restoration work of the estate and its activities, bringing forward tradition and history, accompanied by a desire to make improvements while respecting nature. This makes it a place of perfect “continuum” of past, present and future.


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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta