Twenty nine companies for “Terracotta and Wine 2014″: producers in amphorae from Tuscany, Italy and all over the world

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Artenova - Terracotta Ceramica Toscana

Twenty nine producers in amphorae for “Terracotta and Wine 2014”

For its third consecutive year of promoting events related to the use of terracotta in winemaking, Artenova presents this year on 22nd and 23rd November at the historical terracotta-works Fornace Agresti in Impruneta (Florence, Italy), the 1st International Convention Terracotta and Wine“, which for the first time will compare the experiences of wine producers in amphorae from all over the world. While there will be no shortage of course, of prestigious names of wine producers from Tuscany (Castello dei Rampolla) and of producers from other parts of Italy (Elisabetta Foradori), there will also be many international names attending the two-day event at Impruneta numbering a total of 29 Italian and international companies to have already signed up.

The presence of producers from Spain, Georgia, Armenia, France, Montenegro and also from USA, Australia and New Zealand, will be for all experts and wine enthusiasts, an opportunity of great interest to be able to compare techniques and taste the wines. It will also be possible for producers, during the two days, to sell their wines fermented and aged in amphora.

Below is a list of producers who have confirmed their participation:

Castello dei Rampolla

Panzano in Chianti,Toscana

Tenuta La Mano Verde

San Mazzano Oliveto, Piemonte

Tenuta Belvedere

Rignano sull’Arno, Toscana

Piramid Valley Vineyards

Pyramid Valley Road, Nuova Zelanda

Castello del Trebbio



Suvereto, Toscana

Società Agr. Crealto

Alfiano Natta, Piemonte



Az. Agr. Francesco Cirelli

Atri, Abruzzo

Trofeo Estate Pty Ltd

85 Harrisons Road

3936 Dromana, Victoria


Ambyth Estate

Paso Robles

Stati Uniti

Az. Agricola I Cacciagalli

Teano, Campania

Az. Agricola La Corte D’Aibo

Monteveglio, Emilia Romagna

Az. Agr. Gradizzolo

Monteveglio, Emilia Romagna

Azienda agricola Cos


Az. Agricola Al di là del fiume

Emilia Romagna

Az. Agr. Marino Maria

Ottati, Campania

Domaine Les Chesnaies

Vins de Chinon

37500 Cravant les Côteaux

Domaine La Gardère

Sébastien David

37140 Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil

Clos Ferrard

49170 Savennières

Eric Morgat

Domaine La Réaltière

Pierre Micheland

Route de Jouques

83560 Rians

Champagne Falmet

Nathalie Falmet

10200 Rouvres les vignes

Domaine Aurélien Febvre

Aurélien Febvre

Vin de Bourgogne

21350 Thorey sous Chamy

Zorah wines



Gotsa Wines

Kiketi, Tibilisi


Iago’s Wines



Lipovac Winery



Az, Agr. Elisabetta Foradori

Mezzolombardo,Trentino Alto Adige

Birra del Borgo



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