Among the sacred Talhas of the villages of Alentejo (Portugal), with “The World of Fine Wine” to uncover the renaissance of wine in terracotta.

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TalhaPaul White correspondent of  “The World of Fine Wine” tells us about the ancient techniques of Talha winemaking from the sun soaked villages of Southern Portugal. The report describes the disappearance of a hallowed tradition from the Alentejo region of southern Portugal, caused by the advance of modern technology and tells us of its rebirth thanks to a renewed interest in “natural wine.

A beautiful story-trip from tiny villages, tascas (cafeterias – now a “dying breed” according to White), Alentejo vineyards, ancient traditions, the immense terracotta Talhas and wine consumed while it’s fresh because, says the author, “bottling is a modern afterthought “. Happy reading! The original article WFW49 White Talha-2

Talha articolo


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