Save these dates! 19 – 20 November 2016 for the event “Terracotta and Wine”

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Save the date orizzontale immagineOn the 19th and 20th November this year, “Terracotta and Wine 2016” will be held in the 18th Century terracotta workshop “Fornace Agresti” at Impruneta. This year the biennial event, which attracts producers of wine in amphora from Italy and around the world, will be organized by the Cultural Association “Terracotta and Wine” and will host 40 companies exhibiting their wines at stands set up inside the historical building. During the two days of the event, apart from being able to sample the wines at the individual stands, there will be conferences, guided wine tasting sessions, a wine shop and various cultural events.

Discover with Artenova the ancient techniques of winemaking in amphora, for which our company is becoming known around the world with its production of terracotta wine-jars made with the extraordinary clay of Impruneta.


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