Snippets of news for the 2016 edition of “Terracotta and Wine”: more wine tasting stands and a new space for the technical conference and guided wine tasting sessions

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10502480_718887118197532_7393257815010683492_nSnippets of news for the 2016 edition of “Terracotta and Wine“: as a result of the recent inspection by our technical consultants, the location of the event, “Fornace Agresti”, Impruneta, Tuscany, will be augmented in size and consequently in the quality of its hospitality during the two days planned for the 19th to 20th November 2016. The first novelty of the 2nd edition will be a space dedicated to a wine shop for the sale of wines during the weekend of the event. The area reserved for this function will be in the centre of the building and accessible from various entry points. It will give the opportunity to visitors not only to taste the wines during the event but also to take home a few bottles.

10686988_420569961428518_5932927877043557945_nThe number of stands reserved for the Italian and international exhibitors, has grown from 29 in the last edition to 40 for this year. The present estimate is about ten more stands than in 2014, mostly on the first and second floor of the building. The event itself is growing that’s why part of the set up planned for 19 – 20 November, will be new. The area which hosted the technical conference and the two guided wine tasting sessions in 2014, will be used as a space for a restaurant and will host an exhibition of terracotta wine jars by Artenova.

988882_746768648705091_5604688603881963240_nThe space dedicated to the technical conference and guided wine tasting will be relocated outside in the adjoining courtyard of the loggia of the beautiful historical building of “Fornace Agresti”. This area had not been used at all during the event in 2014. For the coming November, however, a temporary structure will be set up to house the participants of the two highlights of the event, the conference and the guided wine tasting sessions. The new external structure will be easily accessed from the loggia itself but will also have the possibility of access to the outside.

1959296_984771521536442_6754488023316653558_nThe number of wine-tasting stands on the first and second floor of the building, according to present calculations, will be ten more than in 2014, while on the ground floor the stands which originally numbered 12, will remain unchanged. 1599000_746325098749446_4820590078250703204_o


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