Stainless steel pedestal for egg -shaped jars. The supports provided by Artenova

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Ridotto Giara uovop con supporto in acciaio (1)In recent years Artenova owned by Leonardo Parisi has witnessed a growing demand for egg-shaped terracotta jars. Parallel with their own production, in response to demands from their customers, the terracotta workshop based in Impruneta (Toscana) has been working on various ways to improve the handling in the cellar of this type of jar.

Considering that egg-shaped jars have a completely different base from the classic jars and that with their oval bases, egg-shaped jars are more difficult to manoeuvre. Artenova has devised a way to make it easier to handle these jars in the cellar and how to stand them safely. The result is a stainless steel support or pedestal, of various sizes with or without wheels.

Even if intended specifically for the handling of egg-shaped jars in the cellar, the stainless steel support can also be used for the classic flat based jars. The supports can be ordered from Artenova and come in various sizes with or without wheels.


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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta