Talking Terracotta, a beautiful lesson on Terracotta from Trofeo Estate, Australia

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The Australian company Trofeo Estate (wine-cellar in photo) with its 50 acres of vineyards located in Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula, is about an hour south of the central district of Melbourne. They too, have adopted the terracotta amphorae of Artenova for the production of their wines. A deep passion for wine has guided the owner in the search for a product that expresses itself in its purest and most natural form. After studying different techniques, Trofeo Estate identified in terracotta amphorae, the preferential practicable way to ferment and mature their wines. Today “Trofeo Estate” has become the largest producer of Amphora Wine in the southern hemisphere: “… with Terracotta Amphora winemaking, Old and New world techniques meet to produce elegant wines…”
Convinced and proud of their choice, the Dromana company has drawn some interesting lessons from amphora winemaking “Talking Terracotta” on the history and meaning of these vessels.


Talking Terracotta

” At Trofeo Estate we have a unique philosophy on wine, ageing exclusively in Terracotta Amphorae. With Terracotta Amphora winemaking, Old and New world techniques meet to produce elegant wines displaying the purest fruit expression of each grape varietal without any flavour influence…”

“We import the terracotta amphora directly from Chianti in Italy, where they are hand crafted from the ancient clay of the region. The word ‘amphorae’ is a Greek word that refers to the curved shape of the pot…”

“The process of terracotta ageing does not impart any flavour influence on the wine, resulting in fruit driven wines that reflect the natural flavours and aromas of the grapes. Therefore, all of our wines are ‘unoaked…”

“Terracotta amphorae winemaking techniques are known to produce delicious wines full of pure fruit expression and varietal character. Compared to wine produced in oak barrels, terracotta ageing requires less sulphur to preserve the wine. Our wines are also 100% vegan friendly.”


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