Terracotta in winemaking: the movement of anphora wine producers grows, for a “nectar of excellence”

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Aware of having made a sustainable choice, in symbiosis with the territory, with its products and with the men who work it, more and more winemakers are choosing to use terracotta to make high quality wine.



From Tuscany to Piedmont, as well as from Italy to Australia, the movement of wine producers practicing the use of terracotta in winemaking sees the ranks of its fans getting larger and larger. The miracle of the amphora is to mature wine by making it live and breathe, creating a harmonious coexistence between natural elements.
Those who make this choice use an ecological supply chain in affinity with nature: each step from the grape to the wine, is taken with care and respect.


Thanks to the hands of its craftsmen and the gift of Impruneta clay, Artenova embraces this philosophy. Thus the wine in the amphora feels pampered and thanks us by giving us a “nectar of excellence” that cheers the soul and makes us proud to have helped to create it.


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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta