The Certosa of Florence, an oasi of peace and beauty between Florence and Impruneta for the 2020 edition of Terracotta and Wine

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The fourth edition of Terracotta and Wine, our event dedicated exclusively to Amphora Wine from Italy and all over the world, will be held on November 14 th and 15 th 2020. Like the previous editions, it is promoted and organized by the Cultural Association “La terracotta e il vino” founded by Leonardo Parisi (pictured during a visit to explore the Certosa di Firenze) owner of Artenova, the terracotta workshop from Impruneta.

This year the big news concerns the location: the 2020 edition will be held for the first time at the Certosa di Firenze (Charterhouse of Florence), a suggestive 14th Century Monastery, rich in Art and History, occupying the entire summit of the hilltop of Monte Acuto, also called “Monte Santo” (Holy Mount), which can be seen from miles around.


The majestic monastic complex located in Galluzzo, a town between Florence and Impruneta, was commissioned by Niccolò Acciaiuoli, a prominent figure of the fourteenth-century political and economic scene. Construction began in 1341, followed by numerous interventions, modifications and extensions, which continued throughout the 1800s. The building, a predominantly Renaissance structure with its atmosphere of peace and beauty, represents the will of the founder of the Certosa who wished to make it an ideal place for contemplative prayer (it was managed until 1957 by Carthusian monks), and also for the study and promotion of the humanistic and cultural ideals of his time.


Within the austere walls of the Charterhouse there are innumerable works of art by illustrious painters including frescoes by Pontormo (1523-1525) and works by Poccetti (1548-1612) and Perugino (1448-1523). The architectural complex has a unique beauty that has inspired even contemporary artists such as the French-Swiss urban planner and architect Le Corbusier.


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