The characteristics of the terracotta of Impruneta used by Artenova

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The characteristics that make the production of Artenova Amphorae so special have always been due to the uniqueness of Impruneta clay. What makes it so special for enhancing the properties of wine made with this technique can be summarized in the following four points.

1. Provides excellent thermal insulation which allows for optimal wine storage. Thermal insulation can give even better results if the amphora is interred.
2. Studies have found it enables the wine to oxygenate slightly less than in a barrique but comparable to a medium-sized oak barrel. However, unlike wood, it has the advantage of not conferring either tannins or aromas to the wine.
3. The non-transferal of aromatic substances to the wine, makes it an excellent container for bringing out the varietal. The result is the enhancement of the characteristics of the individual grape type
4. Compared to concrete, terracotta has both insulation and the added bonus of excellent oxygenation which helps in the case of grapes with exuberant, well defined characteristics such as Aglianico, Montepulciano, Piedirosso and Syrah, whose flavour is often flattened in concrete vessels.

Furthermore, depending on the oenological results desired, the jars can be with or without internal lining. In its natural state, terracotta allows maximum breathing. Using a protective coating inside(generally beeswax or epoxy resin) limits the porosity typical of terracotta and therefore oxygenation to obtain a completely different result. It should also be remembered that amphorae are vessels that last over time and are equipped for easy use thanks to elements such as:

– professional stainless steel or terracotta airtight lids.
– total drainage valves in stainless steel
– wine dispensing taps and spigots in stainless steel
– bases with or without wheels for positioning and moving


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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta