The designs by Young Talents and the jars of Artenova. “Art, Design and Businness” at the Campolmi room in Prato

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Catalogo Giovani Talenti – Arte, design e impresa (2)

In the Sala Campolmi at the Lazzerini Library complex in Prato, the new proposals for terracotta jars created for Artenova will be on display until September 30th together with the contemporary creations by other “young talents”. The Exhibition is linked to the project “Young Talents. Art, Design and Business“, funded by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department for Youth Policies and Universal Civil Service, promoted by The Municipality of Prato, The Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art and the University of Florence – DIDA Department of Architecture. The project, whose primary objective was to propose and develop new training models and methods for young designers, also gave the partner companies an opportunity for product and process innovation, an opportunity for the enhancement of territorial excellence and for development in terms of research and production in the field of Art and Design. Behind the project was Director and Organizational Coordinator Sergio Bettini, also consultant of Artenova since the first years of experimental choices that led the company from Impruneta to become a world leader in the production of wine jars.

“Mirea”, a project by Nadia Neri

“Mirea”, a project by Nadia Neri

22 Artists and Designers were selected for a 6-12 month internship and were each offered the opportunity to immerse themselves in the reality of a manufacturing company and its local production system. Advised and encouraged by the companies themselves, the youngsters collaborated in the development of innovative design projects with defined materials and technical characteristics. Artenova enthusiastically participated in the project, as always keen to carry out research and innovation along with the development of artistic and creative designs for its products. Gianmarco Giovannini and Nadia Neri, were the two “young talents” who collaborated with Artenova, trying their hand at new ideas and technologies in the design of terracotta wine-jars.

The work was divided into several phases:

At first we focused on the design of a hermetic closure of the jar that would allow the fermentation of the wine, protecting it from oxygenation. Subsequently, we began to draw up different proposals regarding new shapes for jars and after various skimming we focused, specifically, on a proposal that was then developed and adapted”.

Notes, drawings and sketches relating to the designs can be viewed until 4th October at the Sala Zero Room of the Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art in Prato (Viale della Repubblica, 277).

Catalogo Giovani Talenti – Arte, design e impresa (2)


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