The Horizontal Egg is the latest creation of Artenova and with its “golden ratio” measurements, holds the formula for a perfect wine

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the horizontal egg shaped jar

The horizontal egg shaped jar is the latest creation of Artenova.

The latest creation of Artenova to be found in their workshop recently, is the horizontal egg shaped jar. These Horizontal Eggs differ from the classic upright egg by being more similar to barrels. In fact they can be kept in the cellar in a horizontal position, just like typical oak barriques without loosing the unique characteristics associated with the egg shape even if the egg is lying down.

Egg-shaped jars are now widely considered perfect containers for wine. The properties of their primordial shape “without corners” is now widely recognized as being beneficial for wine as it promotes the continuous movement of any liquid it contains which in the case of wine results in the constant suspension of the lees.

The relationship between the two unequal lengths of height and diameter of the egg, gives rise to the so-called “perfect” value of the  “golden ratio”. Man has always been fascinated by this precise mathematical formula and since ancient times has used it as a means to calculate the standard of beauty in both natural and cultural contexts.

Beauty and perfection, then, are the measurements contained in the “golden ratio” of our horizontal Egg, which with its perfect mathematics, seems to hold the formula for a perfect wine.


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