The interior set-up designed by Avatar-Architettura in harmony with the original characteristics of the old terracotta works

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The interior set-up designed by Avatar-Architettura.

The project by Studio Avatar- Architettura of Florence has been created taking into account the original characteristics and recent restoration of the old terracotta works Fornace Agresti, location of the 1st international convention Terracotta and Wine

Avatar-Architettura has worked on the former terracotta works creating an interior set-up strategic for exhibition purposes, both for temporary and fixed installations related to the terracotta of Impruneta.

For the two days of the Convention, they have designed a series of special display units where wine producers can house their wines, each containing the same number of bottles and glasses for wine tasting. Other items related to terracotta or wine will be stored in hollow prism shaped benches around the stalls.

interior-set-up-fornace-Agresti  There are 32 show case stalls in all, 29 for the wine producers participating, plus three more, one for a brewer, another for an association of biodynamic agriculture and one for a specialised publishing house. The units are about 25-30 cm wide and 1,20 meters long with a modular construction that can be reconfigured according to requirements. So as to get everything on the same level, overcoming the irregularities caused by the different gradients of the floor, they used a modular platform that at the same time binds the visual display system. Special attention has been dedicated to the materials used, all of which are recycled items such as pallets and a new wood conglomerate OSB, usually used for garden fences, and which for its characteristic colour integrates well with the structure of the old building.

“We have chosen a non-impact construction” – says Pier Paolo Taddei of Studio Avatar-Architettura, one of the architects from Florence, who have recently put their signature to the layout of the new “Museo del Novecento di Firenze” (Twentieth Century Museum of Florence) –  “to be carried out with the bare minimum and with recycled materials in order to create a more flexible and less cumbersome display system. We wanted a discreet set-up that would enhance the original structure, so that the perception of the old architecture would remain intact. ”

The decor will be completed with video installations showing the history of Artenova and the terracotta of Impruneta. The projections will take advantage of flat surfaces of the walls between beams or under archways, to become themselves art installations. Due to the fascinating and complex architecture of the original building which is structured on four floors with various different levels overlapping each other, in order to help the public find their way around there will be signs and illustrative panels placed in strategic points.


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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta