The latest wine made in Artenova amphorae is called Ringhio Orange

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Ringhio Orange aged in Artenova amphorae

Ringhio Orange is the name of the first “orange” wine to be made in Cantina Urbana in central Milan. White grapes are macerated on their own skins in the terracotta amphorae of Artenova for 12 months. The wine is called orange because the long maceration time causes it to acquire this striking colour. Due to the use of terracotta, the wine gains a broader and more enveloping taste as the micro-oxygenation allows a greater extraction of aromas and nuances of fruit from the grapes. The colour of the wine is also brighter. It is a 100% Riesling white, with hints of peach, apricot and tea infusions, with a fresh and persistent finish.


Cantina Urbana in Milan

The winery Cantina Urbana, as its name suggests, makes its wines in the city. It is the first WinenBar in the centre of Milan with its own Winery annexed where the wines are actually produced. “We have brought a winery into the metropolis to share the experience of winemaking and to shorten the distance between wine production and the final consumer” This is the vision of the founder Michele Rimpici. “For years we have been traveling all over Italy to research and select the best native varieties of grape. Encouraged by this research, we have built a network of winemaker friends who cultivate their vineyards with devotion, allowing the grapes to express themselves at their best and allowing us to make excellent wines …”

The choice of quality is pursued by following a supply chain that selects handmade, high quality raw materials that respect nature, without chemical intervention particularly in the vineyard. “This is a must if you want to be our supplier” we read on their website.
The production in the cellar takes place without the use of chemicals and with very low levels of sulphites, in some cases even zero. Pursuing this philosophy, among their choices, unsurprisingly is to refine certain wines in the terracotta amphorae of Artenova from Impruneta. In Cantina Urbana you can take guided tours as if it were a wine museum, wine-tasting sessions, eat delicious food,
buy a good bottle of wine or simply sip it by the glass.


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