The new on-line browsable version of the new Artenova catalogue

2020/08/24     / / /

The new and more complete Catalogue of terracotta articles for oenological use can be downloaded in PDF or consulted in its browsable version online on the Artenova website. In addition to the different types, shapes and sizes of terracotta wine- jars including the large Dolium that can hold up to 1000 litres of wine, Artenova also produces terracotta wine bottles (1, 0.500,0.750 lt).

Artenova provides on request, many accessories for its jars, such as:

Airtight lids in stainless steel and terracotta;
Wine-dispensing taps in stainless steel;
Drainage spigots in stainless steel;
Glass bubblers;
Stainless steel bases with wheels for better manoeuvring of the jars.

Among the accessories for terracotta products, there is also an elegant iron tripod for the tapered amphora with handles, suitable for sweet wines and liqueurs.

Each page of the Catalogue is accompanied by illustrative photographs and all the technical characteristics for each product, giving a useful and immediate view of the product presented.

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