The old terracotta-works “Fornace Agresti”, the suggestive location of “Terracotta and Wine 2014”

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agresti2“Terracotta and Wine 2014″, will be held in one of the most picturesque locations of Impruneta and will be the first international convention on the use of terracotta in oenology to be organized by Artenova, for several years now leader in the field for the production of amphorae for making wine. On Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd of November, the historical terracotta works “Fornace Agresti”, now owned by the municipality of Impruneta, will open its doors to the public for the very first time since its restoration, specially for the event organized by Artenova. For two days the old kiln, which dates back to the early eighteenth century, will host wine producers from all over the world with an interior design project by the studio Avatar-Architettura from Florence.

The structure of the Fornace Agresti is significant not only for the historical value of its architecture but for having also conserved tools, moulds, patterns and forms from the old Agresti workshop. Standing on a clay hillside, it is built of brick and stone with a portico at its front entrance. The interior of the workshop is set on different superimposed levels. In the centre, there are two wood-burning ovens and lower down is the place where bundles of wood were stored. In olden times the work of moulding and drying of the pieces would be done during the summer, outside in the large portico and courtyard, and during the winter in the rooms close to the ovens.


For the 22nd and 23rd November the studio Avatar-Architettura is working on the design project for the interior spaces which will accommodate wine-tasting stalls, a conference (Saturday, November 22nd) and also a Concert. The premises will be revisited with a layout ​​aiming not only to make the interior decor comfortable and welcoming, but also to create a suggestive dialogue with the old building.


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