The Online Magazine “Gola Gioconda” dedicates its column “Gola Curiosa” to “Terracotta and Wine 2014”

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Thermal insulation, oxygenation and aesthetic impact combined with great durability make terracotta a truly extraordinary material. The Etruscans and the Greeks before them already knew this, and for them, a terracotta amphora was primarily an object of prestige. Read more about this in an article in the October 4th edition of “Gola Gioconda“, online magazine dedicated to the pleasures of the table in Tuscany, in Italy and around the world.

The introduction explains the ancient practice of refining wine in terracotta to announce the event promoted by Artenova, together with the municipality of Impruneta, on 22nd  and 23rd  November at the old terracotta-works Fornace Agresti in Impruneta.

The article also mentions the conference “Experiences of vinification and maturation from all over the world” for Saturday, November 22nd in the picturesque location of the ancient terracotta-works Fornace Agresti, where a comparison of technical and cultural experiences from wine producers from all over the world will take place . Georgia, mentioned in the article, is one of the countries where the practice of winemaking in amphora is most widespread and from Tbilisi , Georgia (the producers Beka Gotsa Irakli Glonti Wines and Wines) will be two of the thirty companies present in the two day event in Impruneta dedicated to terracotta and wine.



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