The press reviews of terracotta and wine 2022 show a marked interest in terracotta. A modern container for the wine of the future

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We are pleased to share the Press Reviews of the fourth edition of Terracotta and Wine. The 2022 event of which Artenova Terrecotte was the main sponsor, once again brought together wine lovers and Amphora Wine Producers this year at the Certosa di Firenze on June 4th and 5th.

We would like to recommend the article by Mille Vigne which describes the opening technical conference with a decidedly scientific slant. The conference this year was divided into two parts with historical and scientific roles (the article is by Alessandra Biondi Bartolini). As we read in the article, “Ivano Asperti, author of the book” Vines, rare and ancient wines “, and the American journalist Paul White, who presented the rediscovery of the ancient tradition of Portuguese Talhas, succeeded one another in the first part which saw Amphora Wine from a historical perspective. The scientific study was entrusted to Valentina Canuti, Monica Picchi and Francesco Maioli of the Department of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies of the University of Florence, who presented the results of a recent project, in which the aging of wine in containers of different materials (wood, steel, concrete and terracotta) was monitored according to a solid experimental design, analysing the chemical, physical and organoleptic differences” (photo from Mille Vigne).

Urano Cupisti analysed the choice of the amphora of many Italian and foreign producers in his article in the Corriere del Vino entitled “Terracotta and Wine. A modern practice with distant roots” (photo from Cupisti writes: “The choice to use this instrument in terms of sustainability and well-being, brings about a return to the earth and natural elements”. He goes on to tell us about his wine-tasting experiences, distinguishing the wines that are, in his opinion, “excellent” and “the best”. (Learn more here).

In a video (edited by Gilberto Bertini), Wine News records the reflections of agronomists, producers, wine writers and “master potters” present in the two days (4 and 5 June) of “Terracotta and Wine” in Florence.

In demonstration of the interest that the most important Amphora Wine event in the world arouses in the foreign press, the Press Review of the 4th edition of the event is completed by two articles by American journalist and Great Wine Expert, Paul White, faithful guest since 2016 of the biennial “Terracotta and Wine”.

The two articles were both published in London’s World of Fine Wine, widely recognized as one of the best wine magazines in the world. Soon we will dedicate ample space on the websites of Artenova Terrecotte and the Association La Terracotta e il vino to Paul White’s account of the 2022 edition of the event.

Here are many other articles dedicated to the event by specialized local and international wine magazines: All the Press Reviews of the 4th Edition of the event: “Terracotta and Wine 2022”.


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