A journey in Amphora in the Old and New Worlds. The stories of Producers and their Amphora wines

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On the occasion of the 3rd edition of “Terracotta and Wine 2018” held in November in Impruneta, Tuscany and of which Artenova was the main partner, stories from around the world of producers who have embraced winemaking in amphora, how they practice it and the interesting results coming from the market of Amphora wine.
Andrew Beckham, from Oregon in the USA, told us how for him everything originated in 2012 with the idea of creating a pottery workshop. From America we jump to Australia with Trofeo Estate, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, a vineyard one kilometre and a half from the sea, where the owner Jim Manolios fell in love with the amphora, so much so that the company bought 90 terracotta amphorae from Artenova before even harvesting a single grape! With Zorah Wines and Zorik Gharibian, we travel to Asia to Armenia with “Karasì”, a wine aged in the old Armenian karas next to the archaeological site where the oldest winery on earth has been recently discovered. In Europe our trip takes us to France, to Burgundy where the entire wine tradition evolves around the barrique and where “La Pousse D’or was the first company to use the Amphora” explained the owner, Ubert Rossignol. We arrive in Italy with Elisabetta Foradori and in Friuli Venezia Giulia with Vini Visintini.

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