This summer, Artenova wine-jars featured in two RAI TV programmes “Linea Verde” and “Sereno Variable” along with wine producers Agricola Cirelli and Agricola Arrighi

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14079788_1081766255205327_7457459907576070240_nOn Sunday, 28th August, the Artenova wine jars aired in two well known documentary programmes about agriculture travel and food: “Linea Verde” and “Sereno Variabile” both on Italian National TV. The cameras of RAI 2 visited Francesco Cirelli in his home town of Atri in Abruzzo where, in the Cirelli cellars, wine is matured in 16 jars of Impruneta clay. During the programme Cirelli describes his company and how he makes his wine using traditions going back to Roman times – in amphora.

HERE IS THE VIDEO OF LINEA VERDE: The amphorae are mentioned starting from minute 9.26

Then “Sereno Variabile” on RAI 1, visited the splendid company from the island of Elba: Agricola Arrighi, where since 2011 Antonio Arrighi produces wine in Artenova wine-jars. The Elba experience has recently been enriched by the archaeological excavation of the Roman Villa of San Giovanni, in the bay of Portoferraio, where ancient amphorae, testimonials of wine making in the Roman world, have come to light



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Artenova Terrecotte - Impruneta